Why choose NPS Vertical, form, fill and seal machine?

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National Packaging Systems has been producing vertical form, fill and seal machines and other packaging equipment since 1983. Some of the devices we built in the 1980s are still in use today!

What is a vertical form, fill and seal machine? 

It is a high-speed packaging machine used primarily by the FMCG and allied industries to put pre-determined amounts of their products into packs ready for the supermarket shelves.


Below is a picture of our flagship 342 model vertical form, fill and seal machine that is fitted with an Auger Filler for powdered substances.

vertical form fill and seal


What filling systems does National Packaging Systems offer?

We have a variety of filling systems on offer. The system would depend on what you would like to package. Our filling systems can handle different substances like powders (milk powder, soup, tile grout, flour, coffee powder, etc), granular products (salt, Sugar, beans, corn kernels, rice, peppercorns, Detergent powders, etc), delicates (biltong, biscuits, Sweets, dried fruit, crisps, other snacks, etc) and liquids ranging in viscosity.

What sizes and weights do our vertical form, fill, and seal pack?

Our range of Vertical form, fill and seal machines can pack jaw seal widths from 60mm up to 580mm, and lengths of 60mm up to 900mm. The weights can range from 15g to 30kg.

Can our machines handle multiple widths?

Our machines offer versatility and can handle multiple pack widths with the use of size-change parts.  You are able to change over with ease and there are no tools required.

Do our machines save you money?

Yes, it does. A cost-saving factor of our Vertical, form, fill and seal machines is that they form the packs from a flat roll of material rather than using pre-made bags.  This equates to around a twenty percent (20%) cost saving on packaging material not to mention labor cost savings.  Our Vertical, form, fill and seal machines fill on the first bag with polyethylene material (impulse wire seal) from a cold start-up which further reduces material and product waste and keeps costs down.

What will the cost factor be, in order to maintain this Vertical, form, fill and seal machines?

Our machines require minimal maintenance and most consumables are readily available.  We pride ourselves on our parts and post-sales technical service and back-up.

Do we offer any accessories or add-ons for the Vertical form, fill and seal machine?

Accessories for a Vertical form, fill, and seal machine includes sell-by-date/batch code printing, nitrogen flush to improve shelf-life, micro perforators that allow excess air to be removed for level shelf stacking, material UV sterilization, and many other bespoke features that a customer may require.


To the best of our knowledge, our Vertical form, fill and seal machines have the highest production rate and smallest footprint of any African manufactured units.  We lead the field here in innovation and are often imitated – which we take as a compliment. We manufacture our machines from raw material to finished product under one roof which gives us full control over the production.

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Have a look at our Vertical, form, fill and seal machine in the video below.


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