What does a machine cost?
Our prices range from around ZAR110 000.00 to nearly ZAR3 000 000.00. It depends entirely on your specific packaging requirements. Obtain a quote now https://nationalpackagingsystems.co.za/contact-us/#get-a-quote
Are your machines durable?
We have machines that we sold in the eighties that are still running.
What is the required lead time?
We manufacture forty different machines with up to sixty variants. Lead time would depend on which machine you order.
Why do some other local manufacturers have lower costs than you?
We manufacture and sell a quality product at a fair price. We are never going to be the lowest option, but we will always strive to be the best. A lot of our customers have replaced other locally made machines with ours. That alone speaks volumes.We also carry a comprehensive range of spares and always have technicians available.
How fast are your machines?
We strive to exceed customers’ expectations when it comes to production output. Our machine speeds are nothing short of impressive. We have machines that run from one bag every three minutes to machines running at nine hundred per minute.
How easy are your machines to use? Can i operate your machines myself?
Yes. Most of our machines are easy to set up and run. They are designed to be simple to operate and are built robustly enough to handle the tough African operating enviroment.
Do you offer training on the machine?
Yes. We do offer training during the last two weeks of trials at our factory as well as onsite at your premises during commissioning.
Can you supply machines for start-up companies?
Yes. Our systems are modular and can be upgraded or added to as your company’s needs grow.
Do you supply the material for packaging?
No. We can refer you to material suppliers.
Can you advise on the most suitable machine for my products?
Yes. We do bespoke systems for various industries. We will be able to recommend a system mased on your products.
Do you offer technical support or a back-up service?
Yes. Technicians are readily available should you encounter issues that cannot be fixed remotely or telephonically.
Do you stock spares for the machinery?
Yes. Most spares can be despatched within one working day. We also supply a set of running spares with each new machine.
Do you offer finance for the machinery?
No. However, most South African bank recognise us as a genuine OEM and are happy to finance your purchase of our products.
Do you have videos of the system in operation?
Yes. We can forward relevant links depending on your machine requirement. You can also find videos on this website or on our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLjLLkkx55Zh4eT7p1rcaw
Do you arrange transport and freighting?
No. We will behappy to refer you to transport companies that can assist you.
Do you manufacture popsicle filling machines?
No. We have machines for many other types of products. Contact our sales team https://nationalpackagingsystems.co.za/contact-us/#get-a-quote to discuss your specific needs.
Do you have other branches?
No. However, we are quite happy to have an online discussion or visit your facility if needed.