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About National Packaging Systems

National Packaging Systems was established in 1983 building vertical form, fill and seal; vertical sachets; stick packs and pillow packs as well as volumetric fillers, auger fillers, feeding systems and conveyors.

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Our Vision

To be the preferred provider, in innovative packaging solutions.

Our Mission

To provide the world with user-friendly, purpose-built packaging solutions, effectively and efficiently.

We aim to exceed customer expectations, with integrity and honesty, for the benefit of our stakeholders.

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About Us

The company was established in 1983 building vertical form, fill and seal machines for sachets, stick packs and pillow packs as well as volumetric fillers, auger fillers, feeding systems and conveyors.

Our original range of hydraulically operated models was augmented in 1992 with our new pneumatic generation machines using a belt drive pull down system.  Our machines are now pneumatic and are controlled via an inverter and a PLC. Speeds of up to nine hundred units per minute are achievable, depending on product, weight, machine and packaging material.

We always listen to our clients and are constantly involved in research and development.  Our machines are very user friendly with minimal downtime and maintenance.  Our success has been proved by the continuing support of our existing clients and a sharp increase in sales. With our latest new design vertical sachet machine, we have just completed a recent order for twenty-six machines for export.  At the moment, exports make up about 70% of our orders although the local market is still busy.

To the best of our knowledge, we are currently the only South African company that manufactures four side vertical sachet machines and three sided stick pack machines that would otherwise have to be imported.

We manufacture over forty different machines with around sixty different variants.  Our equipment is well known for its continued reliable service to the packaging industry.  These hard working machines are widely used to automatically pack amongst other things: sugar, rice, salt, peanuts, cereals, snacks, sweets, powders, liquids, fire lighters and even car components!  We manufacture everything under one roof from raw material to finished product running trials in our factory with the client.  We also specialise in bespoke systems designed and manufactured to customers’ specific requirements that are not accommodated by our standard range of machines.

We recently moved from a 1250m² premises to our current 3100m² factory to accommodate the growth of our company.  We provide a subsidised canteen as well as a gym for our staff as we believe in a happy and healthy workforce!

We have increased our staff by 25% including qualified, semi-qualified, unskilled and sales people to cope with the extra demand for our machines from clients.  Demand of machines was further increased by our presence at the Propak Exhibition held at Nasrec in Johannesburg this year.  We are still looking for more qualified staff for CNC and PLC programming because of our expansion.

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Who do we help?

Managing directors, production managers, engineers, operators, entrepreneurs, maintenance staff, procurement staff and anyone in need of an innovative turn key packaging solution.

Client Testimonials

“Am writing this mail to express our gratitude and dedication shown by your technician when he was here commissioning one of the machines you supplied.

The setting up was well executed. The way he illustrated and taught us how to operate and tackle problems which we likely to face in the future was excellent. Also, the way he blended with our team was also perfect.”

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