National Packaging Systems

Local manufacturers of form fill and seal machines and auxiliary equipment in South Africa.

Feeding System

Supplying product to the filling system

Filling System

To fill predetermined weight or volume

Form, Fill & Seal

To form and seal a predetermined bag size from a reel of material


Transfer product between two points


As may be required to suit your needs


Keep your machine running optimally 


Manufactured in South Africa

Our machines are designed and manufactured in our factory in Durban, South Africa. All electrical and pneumatic components are readily available from local suppliers. We manufacture everything under one roof from raw material to finished machine, running trials in our factory with the clients product and material. 


The Newest Technology

Improvements are carried out on the machinery at all times to move with the times, technology and client feedback.

No Project Too Big Or Small

We specialise in bespoke systems designed and manufactured to customers’ specific requirements that are not accommodated by our standard range of machines.

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We’ve Been Manufacturing For Over 35 years

The company was established in 1983 originally building vertical form, fill and seal machines for pillow packs as well as volumetric fillers, auger fillers, feeding systems and conveyors. We designed and developed multi lane vertical four sided seal and stick pack machines because of the demand 15 years ago with the option to change the sealing width sizes with size change parts.

Our original range of hydraulically operated models was augmented in 1992 with our new pneumatic generation machines using a belt drive pull down system.  Our machines are now pneumatic and are controlled via inverters/servos and a PLC. Our success has been proved by the continuing support of our existing clients and a sharp increase in sales.

Client Testimonials

“Am writing this mail to express our gratitude and dedication shown by your technician when he was here commissioning one of the machines you supplied.

The setting up was well executed. The way he illustrated and taught us how to operate and tackle problems which we likely to face in the future was excellent. Also, the way he blended with our team was also perfect.”

MFS Group

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